Willy Wagtail

Each Spring the bird life get very busy, finding mates and building nests.  We get great delight when we discover their nest and we can then monitor, from a distance, the development of the eggs through to chicks.

The Willy Wagtail always builds it's nest close to our house. This year they built it right next to Tessy my cat's cage! The white plank in the background of the photo on the left is part of the cat run.
We lock Tessy up each evening, to protect her from foxes but mostly to protect the bird life from her. But why would the Willy Wagtail tempt fate by building it's nest next to her cage?

We rigged up this cardboard barrier to hopefully deter Tessy (and the dog) from stealing the two perfect little eggs in the nest. 

Thankfully it didn't disturb the Willy Wagtail who was happy to return to her nest.

I will keep you posted on the expectant mother and her babies.




  1. Oh Ann I'm sure mamma bird is very happy with the protection you've provided. We have a nest in the park nearby and today one of the little ones flew. Amazing how quickly they grow and then fly.

    1. Thanks Kylie, they do grow so quick. I can't wait to see the eggs hatch and watch our little babies fly the nest.


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