Walking the dog

I am trying to get fit, again!  This time I am starting out small, making little changes until they become a habit and then moving onto the next small change.

I have started walking each morning, after I have taken my daughter to the bus stop.  For now I am walking about 2km, through the crop. But as my husband is about to harvest that paddock I will have to rethink my route.  When that change occurs I will increase my distance.

This is Skipper (my daughter's dog).  She is my walking buddy and she loves to go on "walkies".  This is her expectant face, "come on Mum, hurry up and get your shoes on".

As we are walking down the track through the crop she often disappears hunting.  When I whistle she comes bounding back, leaping high over the crop so she can see where I am. She always makes me giggle when she does this.

The mornings are a beautiful time to go walking.  It's not too hot, the bird life are out and about and the flies are not out yet.

When do you go walking? Where do you go walking? Do you listen to music or to nature?

My next small goal is to increase my water intake.  I am not drinking my 2lt a day and if I'm not it is very hard to encourage my daughter to drink enough water.

I am me



  1. Well done and keep it up Ann. I walk for 1.5 hours every morning. Usually start at 7.30am. No music whatsoever. Walk halfway to school with our daughter chatting and then relax and just listen to nature for the other half.
    Just love that time.

    1. Thanks for the inspiration Kylie, I have walked all last week and the weekend. This mornings walk included walking through the stubble paddock helping my husband find some missing crop lifters that fell off the header.


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