Benny and the pets

We have goats, pet goats.  They are such funny creatures and very smart.

Technically only one of them is ours.  This is Benny, he is the boss.  The other goats and pet sheep that are in the paddock with him are his harem.  Even though he Lords it over them, he misses them dreadfully when they go off to shearing.

He looks a bit ratty in this photo as it was coming into warmer weather and he was losing his Winter coat.  

We got him as a 3 day old and hand-reared him.  We got another goat "Joon" at the same time, but she ate something poisonous when she was 2 weeks old and died.

Tessy and Joon

Our cat Tessy has always helped to look after the orphan lambs and goats.  She loved to play with them until they got too big for her.

This is Nellie.  We adopted Nellie from a neighbour.  Nellie was a naughty goat who lived in town, she thought she was a dog and used to jump the fences to play with the town dogs.  Goats are very nimble and agile and it is hard to keep them contained. 

With all the trouble she was getting into our neighbours asked if we could look after Nellie. 

Nellie is now a good goat and idolises Benny.

Below is Krysta (Isabel named her after the fairy in "Ferngully").

Krysta was also given to us by a neighbour.  She used to eat through her rope and jump the neighbours fence to eat the fruit trees.

Krysta is still a naughty goat, she tries to boss the other pets and she still escapes the paddock to eat the spilled grain under the silos.

Our little lambs are not so little anymore.  They occasionally come up for a scratch and a pat, but mostly they ignore us and keep on eating.

We are debating on how many of them to keep. If you ask our daughter it's all of them, but we have to be practical and think of how much feed is in the paddock and how many mouths are feeding on it.  Their fate will be decided next year at market time.

Enjoy life



  1. Oh, Ann, they are absolutely beautiful. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, I love my Benny, he is very photogenic

  2. Sitting here smiling as I'm reading your post Ann. Animals have that effect on me. Just love them and being with them.
    Sounds like goats have big personalities.
    The photos of when they were young are very sweet.

    1. Thanks Kylie, it is wonderful to have pets, they are great anti-depressants. All the goats have their own personalities, Benny is the photogenic one, Nellie is the shy girl and Krysta is the bossy bully.

  3. Goats are hilarious! We have a few and they are always into mischief, whether it be running races up and down our verandah, pestering the horse, chasing the chooks or generally menacing the area, life is never dull. Great pets IF you have them together, you have good fences and you can give them the love and attention they crave. They are as needy as dogs I think. Thank you xo

    1. Thank you, yes in the early days they did get into a lot of mischief (mostly getting into my garden). Now they mostly remain in their paddock.

  4. I think goats are the funniest creatures! And I love that photo of your cat with the goat. My daughter would be the same, she would want to keep all of the animals too!!

    1. Thank you Belinda, all our animals have their own personalities and have a special place in my heart.


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