When life gives you lemons you make the most of them.

Our lemon tree has been giving us an abundance of fruit up to two times a year and I have been busy baking, making and preserving our harvest.

So far I have made lemon cordial, I have frozen lemon juice in ice cube trays for the off season, I have baked lemon cakes, lemon meringue pie and lemon biscuits and I have used lemon slices in my water jug each day.  And still we have plenty of lemons!

Then I decided to try dehydrating lemon slices.  I sliced the lemons into 1/4" rings and placed them on the dehydrator trays.  These were on for about 24 hours at 50°C and I think they turned out beautifully.

I use these in my water jug each day and hopefully (I haven't tried this yet) in casseroles.

I created another use for our lemon tree. It made the perfect hideaway for my daughters fairy garden.

It is the perfect little hidey-hole for her to sit in and imagine the world away.  It has a pond for waterplay, dirt and stones for creating fairy lands and smells delicious when the lemons are fruiting.




  1. I just LOVE the fairy garden Ann. How lovely to retreat into there, with the scent of lemon wafting through the air. My daughter would love it too. We have those cute little toadstools too! You have been busy making use of all those lemons. They look so pretty dehydrated.

    1. Thank you Belinda, my daughter loves her fairy garden. It is used regularly when she is outside in her imaginary world.
      I am still googling uses for lemons and I am dehydrating more of them.

  2. I has not thought to dehydrate the lemons. Thanks for that idea. Our tree is only in it's second year of fruiting and has given us quite a few. I also make a microwave lemon butter, yum and a lovely alcoholic drink, Limoncello. I just love the versatility of lemons.

    1. Hi Jane,
      I just recently found a recipe for Limoncello and I am keen to give it a try.

  3. Just love your daughter's imagine world.
    I was just given a huge bag of lemons. I have warm water and lemon every morning. There will also be a lot of 'lemon baking' coming up soon.

    1. Hi Kylie
      Thank you, my daughter loves her hideaway in the lemon tree. She has also created hideaway's in the olive trees and the peach tree.


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