My husband planted a few chilli seeds towards the end of last year and we have been harvesting a bountiful crop since then.

So many that we have had to freeze them until we can find time to make something with them. So far all we have made is sweet chilli sauce.

As the freezer bag is almost full I have decided to dry the chillies we are still harvesting.

I halved and deseeded the chillies and spread them on the dehydrator trays.  These were on 50℃  for about 24 hours (probably didn't need that long but I forgot about them, oops).  Once they had cooled down I mashed them with the mortar and pestle and put them in a container to use in future recipes.

Enjoying a spiced up life



  1. Mum and Dad also have an abundance of chillies. I was so impressed with Dad the other day as he had dried and crushed some of their chill to use in cooking.

    1. As a society we tend to waste so much food. Dehydrating or freezing enables us to use the extra during lean times.

  2. Great idea!! My dehydrator is collecting some dust...thanks for the inspo!!

    1. Hi Rian, thanks for the comments. I am starting to use my dehydrator more and more as I don't like seeing our excess fruits and veg going to waste.


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