Chocolate Fruit Sticks

My 8yo loves to get into the kitchen and create.  Today she found my hidden stash of chocolate chips and decided to use them.  She had recently been given a small recipe book of her own.  She flicked through it and found the perfect recipe for the ingredients we had, chocolate and fruit.

I left her to her own devices as she knows how to use the microwave (I was close by in case she needed assistance).

She put the (my) chocolate chips in a microwave proof bowl and zapped them in short bursts in the microwave to melt them, stirring after each burst.

When the chocolate was sufficiently melted she had great delight in dipping the strawberries into the chocolate and placing them on a tray. As it was a messy activity she, of course, had to lick her fingers after each dip.

She decided that the raspberries were a bit too fiddly so I suggested we poke them onto straws to help dip them into the chocolate and when they were set she could eat them like a lollypop.

Any leftover chocolate (whoever heard of leftover chocolate) was poured into chocolate moulds.

We all enjoyed a delicious afternoon snack. 


PS - I think the chocolate had time to set before it was devoured.


  1. Your daughter reminds me so much of our daughter who also loves to cook especially sweets.
    Love that first photo with the telltale signs of a little choccy tasting.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your afternoon snack.

    1. Thanks Kylie,
      I'm sure every baker out there has had a taste of whatever they are cooking, I remember as a kid watching Mum and just waiting for the beaters to lick.


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