How to make Sherbet

Well it's school holidays here and we have been busy doing all sorts of things.

We had a trip to Melbourne to do some shopping, while we were there we experienced the AFL Grand Final Parade.  We were very excited as our team "Richmond Tigers" had made the Grand Final for the first time in 35years.  Isabel got to see her idol from an elevated position (on top of a traffic light control box (big thank you to the Adelaide supporter who allowed her to sit in front of him)).

Then another type of culture when we attended the Australian Ballet's production of "Alice in Wonderland". Lots of wonderful costumes and exciting dances.

During the first week of the holidays we played outside, watched some tv, read some books (we are currently reading aloud "Pippi Longstocking" by Astrid Lindgren) and did some baking.

We made Sherbet (no not the band, although I did love them as a young girl).

It was very easy to make.


150gm icing sugar
15gm citric acid
10gm bicarb soda

blend together

I halved the recipe and made it in the coffee bean grinder (I use this for my dehydrated herbs).

We taste tested with our fingers, Yummo!  We also tried dipping fruit but that, apparently, was not as much fun as your finger.

We stored the remainder in a small container (hidden in the pantry) and still have some left as a treat.




  1. That just reminded me of those sherbets as kids you would buy from the shop called Wizz Fizz.
    Sounds like the school holidays are going very well. Our kids went back today.
    My daughter and I also read out loud to each other. We sometimes sit on the couch together with a book to share. Her last novel she needed to read for school was a little tricky with going back and forth so after she had finished we then read it together. She had a good understanding then and ended up with a good mark on her book report.

    1. Thanks Kylie.
      I remember Wizz Fizz, they had a little spoon in the packet to eat the sherbet with.
      I think reading the book together helps with understanding the story, and also with any difficult words. My daughter likes to ask lots of questions as we are reading about the characters or the plot line. She gets very excited when I leave off in the middle of an exciting bit.
      Congratulations to your daughter on her book report.


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