How to make Lavender bath salts

I don't know about you, but I love a long hot soak in a bath.  It usually includes bubble bath, a book and a glass of wine.  Leave me in there for an hour to unwind and relax and I come out a new (albeit wrinkly) person.

Since I have been drying my own lavender I have googled uses for the lavender and I decided to make my own bath salts.  A lot cheaper than the bought goods and I also know exactly what is in them.

I have re-purposed an old jar and added the following ingredients:
6 parts sea salt,
3 parts epsom salt
1 part bi-carb soda
1 part dried lavender heads
a couple of drops of lavender essential oil
and for a bit of fun I added some soap colourant

I have also made a second batch excluding the lavender heads, essential oil and soap colourant.  To this batch I have put in my empty essential oil bottles.  The salts and bi-carb will absorb any residue left in the bottles and this will not only make the salts smell delicious but also clean the bottles so that none of the essential oil goes to waste.



  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

    1. You're welcome Deb, I hope you enjoy a long hot soaking, relaxing bath as much as I do.


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