Mallee Wildflowers

Early Spring is a beautiful time in the Mallee.

The weather is changing to cool mornings and wonderful sunny afternoons, which are perfect for walking through the scrub to look at the wildflowers that are in bloom.  The snakes are not quite on the move, and if they are, they are still a bit sluggish from Winter (hopefully).

We picked a fine day and didn't have to walk very far up our drive to see these wildflowers:

Minuria Leptophylla - Variable minnie daisy
Olearia Pimeleoides - Showy daisy bush
The flowers below where all found around my garden, I love the natives in my garden, they bring the bees and the birds.  I get a lot of pleasure sitting on the veranda on a sunny day watching the birds feeding on the nectar.
Eremophila maculata -  emu bush

Eremophila maculata - emu bush


We picked another nice day to go for a drive down the track to explore and discover the local flora.

Clematis microphylla - Old man's beard

Cassia nemophila - Wild boronia or desert cassia

Grevillea huegelii - Comb spider-flower


Acacia colletioides - Wait-a-while
Eucalyptus gracilis - White mallee

Zygophyllum apiculatum

Zygophyllum glaucum 
I am no expert on identifying flowers, I have a whole garden of unidentified flowers. So if you recognise a mistake in my identification please let me know.  

For my reference I used the following books:

The Mallee in flower by I R McCann
An introduction to The Wildflowers of "The Millewa" by Margaret Kelly

They have become my bibles on my travels through our scrub and roads.




  1. I love wildflowers. Their colours are what strikes me the most and the fact that they’re wild, part of nature.

    1. Thanks Kylie, they are amazing to see out in the wild.

  2. Such beautiful native flowers, it must be lovely to find these treasures on your drives and walks. Offerings from nature! Meg:)

    1. Thanks Meg, sometimes I am so busy seeking the flowers that I forget to look where I am going. But finding the little surprises are such a delight.


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