What to do with all the carrots we have harvested?

It was all hands on deck when our daughter walked in with a big armful of carrots.  She was so proud that she had harvested all the carrots in the vegie patch.  

I was suffering with Ross River Virus and my husband was busy harvesting the wheat crop.

Needless to say we found time to prepare all the lovingly harvested carrots for the freezer.

Little Miss was put on carrot topping and washing duty, then Hubby and I diced the carrots into the saucepan.

The carrots were blanched in boiling water for a couple of minutes and then put into freezer bags and straight into the freezer.  

We can now enjoy eating our harvest at our leisure.




  1. What beautifully coloured carrots! I love carrots, especially as a snack with hommus. Recently, I made a carrot and quinoa bake and it was lovely. I have never had any success growing carrots here though so I'm a bit jealous of your carrot harvest! Meg:)

    1. That bake sounds delicious.
      I was surprised so many carrots made it inside as our daughter loves to walk around the garden helping herself to whatever is ripe.


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