Well bookweek has been and gone, Phew!! that was hectic, but Isabel loved her costume, so it was well worth it.

After finishing Isabel's costume I didn't know if I could make her teachers and my costume because of my sore back (I had a back muscle spasm, ouch).  But with a visit to the chiropractor and acupuncturist I was slowly on the mend.

I had ideas running around in my head and managed to put them into production and created the following costumes.

Princess Poppy (from "Trolls")

This ended up being fairly easy, I just made a sack dress and appliqued the flower detail on the bottom.  The top had wide ric-rac threaded through and tied over the shoulders. 

I found inspiration for the headpiece on the internet, but after continually flopping down into the teachers face I will have to do a bit of tweaking to make it stay upright.

My costume only required a cardboard box, some paint and my farm clothes.

I went as "Minecraft Steve (Ann)" from the Minecraft computer game that the kids seem to love at the moment. I even found a book about Minecraft.

With a quick google I printed off a guide to help me paint the head and off I went.  The hammer came from a Bunnings promotion and I was set to create my own Minecraft world.

Two simple costumes that didn't cost me anything but my time.




  1. I've been wondering how you went with your costume and the teachers.
    I remember our kids playing Minecraft all the time. They built some pretty spectacular houses.
    The Princess Poppy outfit is amazing. You are very good at this. The teacher would have been so happy.

    1. Thank you Kylie, I think the time and effort (little on this occasion) to make your own costumes is well worth it. The internet is a great source of inspiration.


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