Children's Baking

This morning Isabel wanted to do some baking, "lets make a cake Mum, with blueberries in it".

At 8yo she is almost independent enough to bake by herself.

So out came her recipe sheets to choose what cake to make, "chocolate doesn't really go with blueberries (today) so we'll make plain cupcakes".  I prepared these a few years ago, I typed up her favourite recipes and laminated them for protection.

Isabel has her own baking utensils.  I was fortunate to win this "Joseph and Joseph" baking set a few years ago.  The colour references in her recipe refer to the measuring cups from this set.

So with a little bit of help from me Isabel prepared her cake batter following her recipe sheet.  She used the microwave to cream the butter and sugar, and had lots of fun cracking the eggs (pretending she was on Masterchef). I showed her how to use the digital scales to weigh the ingredients that couldn't be measured by the cups.

Of course the best bit about baking is the licking of the bowl, spoon and fingers.

With a bit of help she put the cupcakes in the oven and then she did the cleanup, putting the ingredients away, doing the dishes, wiping the bench and vacuuming the floor.

I helped get the cupcakes out of the oven and we put them on a wire rack to cool.

The icing was cream cheese and icing sugar and of course it had to be blue because of the blueberries.

With the decorations added we sampled Isabel's creation and they were delicious.

We had leftover icing which I put into a container to freeze for future baking days.

I hope you enjoy these ideas. 

Spending time in the kitchen with the kids is a great way to see their imagination and creativity come to life.  Don't worry about the mess, messes are fun to clean when everyone is involved.



  1. I love this post Ann and seeing kids in the kitchen.
    What a great idea having her favourites typed and laminated.
    Good on you Isabel your cakes look so yum and I love your decorating.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments, I will pass them on to Isabel.

    2. That's really rather good for an eight year old. I love that she has her own laminated recipes and her own rainbow colored baking utensils. Especially I do love the colorful cupcakes. They're looking delicious. I must remember laminating recipes for my future grandchildren and buying lovely baking utensils for them. So nice. Best wishes from Tina (Germany)

    3. Thank you Tina,
      I always welcome anything that makes it easier for me in the kitchen. Teaching my daughter how to cook (and clean), both of which she likes to do, shows her the enjoyment of cooking for yourself rather than going out and getting takeaway food.


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