Honeysuckle wreaths

Pruning is one of those jobs you either love or hate.

I love it, it gets me outside and I take pride in shaping the structure of the tree so that it will bear a bountiful harvest.

Apart from pruning our fruit trees and roses I also occasionally tidy up the honeysuckle. Especially when my husband threatens to pull it out.

While I was pruning the honeysuckle from our front veranda, I thought what a waste to burn the prunings. What could I do?  Mmmmm...I know, lets make wreaths.

I grabbed a long branch, rolled it into a circle about 30cm diameter and wove the remaining end around the circle.  Grabbing about 3 or 4 more branches, I repeated the weaving with each individual branch until I had what looked like a wreath..

I hung them in the garden shed to dry (the leaves fall off during the drying).  I'm not sure what I'll make with them when they are done, I'll leave that for another post in the future.




  1. I love pruning too. I used to prune my Mum's roses for her and she'd always be telling me I was pruning them far to hard, but each year they'd give an awesome display and she'd say "you didn't do them to hard, look how wonderful they are".

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys pruning. I don't think it matters how hard you prune, looking after the plant will bring great benefits to it.


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